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Thursday October 13th 6pm class is INSIDE at Notre Dame. October 5 and 6am classes are OUTSIDE at Corinthia.






BMS Bootcamps emcompasses Body, Mind & Soul  It's more than just a program that promotes weight loss.  It also helps you live your best in health and wellness.

Fitness trainers push, motivate and inspire you to be your best. It doesn’t matter where you are when you start, our classes can accommodate people of every shape, size and fitness level. Our goal is to get you excited about coming to your classes, teach you to feel capable, confident, give you a strong sense of accomplishment that grows with every class, and every challenge you overcome.

Our training programs have a lot of variety. Each class is prepared with a fresh workout rather than recycled old programs. We all remember those old aerobics classes where you’d miss one step and then spend the rest of the session trying to catch up, getting more and more frustrated. That does not describe the BMS experience.

BMS’ fitness trainers know how to design a workout with a good mix of  cardio, strength and conditioning exercises that will be unique and challenging, but not so difficult that you can’t keep up.  In fact, they offer modifications for individuals that allow everyone to participate and grow, whatever their fitness level or exercise background.



Still not sure? If you've never bootcamped with BMS drop in for a free week of classes (maximum 3 sessions) and see for yourself what BMS Bootcamps can do for you!  Go to the "contact page" and fire us a message to get info on trying out your classes!

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